got the chance to ask Sagan just a couple quick things after his show on Friday.
Also received some sweet candid’s from it

You just had a your first ever photo show alongside magazine co-creator Josh Terris and Natalia Mantini at Suede in LA. What was it like for those who  couldn’t make it? It was more people than i would have ever anticipated showed…it was good times and good friends.Was the response what you expected? it was more than expected for sure Were most of the Odd Future Members in attendance? yea, You guys dropped Fersher 2 not too long ago, is part 3 already being shot? we are collecting content for it. and yeah we will keep making fersher however/whenever we like.I wanted to ask whats it was like on the set of Loiter Squad?  i wasn’t on set too much but lance is always puking haha I recently asked fellow LA native Jay Curry what his favorite movies were and he named me about 20. What are some of your favorites things to watch? the wire, breaking bad, eastbound and down, girls, always sunny in philadelphia, workaholics So Trash Talk Just Sighned onto OddFuture Records, and in a recent interview with Complex the creators of Workaholics said all you guys had a pretty dope relationship. Do you hangout at the house? not too often but i work with lee at the shop and he rules
Photos Courtesy of Jade Finley
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